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What is Star Payer all about?
Star Payer is an e-commerce company that allows you to reload mobile phones in 150+ countries, pay a variety of bills, buy stuff from our merchants, and earn rewards at the same time.
Where is Star Payer located?
We are located in Cyberjaya, Malaysia.
Who can open an account in Star Payer?
Anyone above the age of 18 and from anywhere in the world are welcome to sign up and use our system.
Do I have to pay to sign up?
This is a free program. In fact, we pay you to get on board!
Why should I sign up?
Well, there is absolutely no risk to you to sign up. This is after all, a free program. Our services provide you with convenience and also a chance to earn an income. So, why not use our system, to convert your liabilities to an income anyway?
Why are you giving me rewards?
So that you continue using our services for the long term. We look at you as our customer and our partner. And only when our customers and partners benefit, will we benefit. And that my friend, is the blunt truth.
How are you able to give me rewards?
For every product that is sold, the merchants' give us a percentage of the price as a profit. We then share a part of the profit with you and also the person that referred you to Star Payer.
Is this a Network Marketing Company?
Star Payer is an eCommerce company. We use the Network Marketing approach as a marketing strategy to get more people to use our system.
What if I have more questions?
Feel to contact our Customer Service via our dedicated WhatsApp and Telegram accounts. You can get the links in our Contact Page.