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Our Top 10 FAQ's.
What is being offered in this website? We are a financial technology company that connects our merchants to our consumers.

Our consumers can then exchange their points to merchants' virtual or physical products.
What do you mean by 'POINTS'? Points are the credits used to exchange for products from merchants. How can I purchase points? You can purchase points via our M2U Payment Gateway OR by directly banking into our account OR with your BitCoins. Who can participate in this program? Anyone above the age of 18 and from anywhere in the world can join in and become a member. How much is it join this program? It is FREE to join the program. In fact, we pay you to get on board! Why should I join this program? Well, it is FREE to join.

And you get instant and FREE access to our International Reload Hub. You can use that to reload your prepaids and pay your bills. And by doing that, you can start to collect points.

This points can then be used to exchange with other products or even withdrawn to your local bank account or BitCoin Wallet.
Why are you giving me bonusses? So that you continue using our services for the long term.

We look at you as our customer and our partner.

And only when our customers and partners benefit, will we benefit.

And that's the blunt truth.
How are you able to pay me the bonusses? For every product that is sold, the merchants gives us a percentage of the price as a profit.

We then share this profit with you and your uplines.
Is this a Network Marketing Company? We are a eCommerce company that uses the Network Marketing approach as a marketing strategy to reach the masses.

We use this approach so that we have a competitive edge on our many competitors and to sustain for the long term in the market.

What if I have more questions? Feel to contact our Customer Service via our dedicated WhatsApp and Telegram accounts. Copyright © 2017-2018,
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